Worth Dying For
Worth Dying For (UK Cover)

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"61 Hours ended with maverick loner Jack Reacher trapped in a desperate situation from which escape seemed impossible. Even for him.

But Reacher has done the impossible before.

Now in Nebraska a drunk sits in an empty bar. The phone rings, and a woman asks for help. She has been badly beaten by her husband.

Seven men are having dinner in a nearby steakhouse. A stranger shows up and leaves one of them unconscious with a broken nose.

Eldridge Tyler is a patient man. He gets a call about a troublesome stranger, and he settles in with a long gun for a long wait.

Reacher is bruised and battered, and isn't planning on sticking around. But the clannish locals don't want him gone. They want him dead. And Reacher wants to know: what, in this fearful and submissive rural country, would be worth dying for?"


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