Assistant Warden Spivey

In Lee Child's first book, Killing Floor, Spivey was mentioned many times, he tried to kill Jack Reacher while in jail by putting him on the dangerous criminals floor instead of the holding cell. He sent a group of tough men in the prison to waste Hubble, telling the group of men to look for the two and kill them. He said to recognize the difference between Reacher and Hubble by Hubble's glasses. In the prision, Hubble's glasses were smashed, Jack took a pair of someone else's while beating up the group that destroyed Hubble's glasses, so instead of ending Hubble, they attacked Jack. They were easily taken out, the prison alarm was sounded so Spivey rushed Jack and Hubble to the right floor, so the fact that he purposely put them there wouldn't be held against him. His only back-up if he didn't get them back to the right cell, would have been the fact that on his papers it said they were always in the holding cell- which would have probably gotten him into even more trouble.