Killing Floor
Killing Floor (UK Cover)
'Published: March 1997
'Publisher(s): Putnam (US), Bantam (UK)
'Pages: 522
Chapters: 34
No. in Series: 1
Preceded by:
Followed by:
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Brief Overview
'Setting: Margrave, Georgia, USA.
'Protagonist(s): Jack Reacher

Officer Roscoe Detective Finlay Paul Hubble

'Antagonist(s): The Kliner Foundation
'Point of View: First Person

Killing Floor is the debut novel in the Jack Reacher series.


"Margrave is a no-account little town in Georgia. Jack Reacher jumps off a bus and walks forteen miles in the rain, just passing through. An arbitrary decision, a tribute to a guitar player who died there three decades before.

But Margrave has just had its first homicide in thirty years. And Reacher is the only stranger in town. So the murder is pinned on him. As nasty secrets leak out and the body count mounts, only one thing is for sure: They picked the wrong guy to take the fall.

Killing Floor introduces Jack Reacher, the tough ex-military cop of no fixed abode. Trained to think fast and act faster, with an eye for the women, he is truly every thinking reader's perfect action hero."


Killing Floor introduces Jack Reacher, an ex-millitary cop who is drifting around America. He stops at Margrave, a small town in Georgia and is arrested for murder. After spending the weekend in prison with another suspect, it becomes clear that Margrave is not just a innocent little town. Reachers alibi is soon corroborrated and the body count increases. When his brother is inadvertantly involved, he assists the Margrave police in working out what really is going on.



^^ Whoever posted this needs to stop. This is a ridiculous attempt at humor, and is misleading to new readers of the series. I will try to update the plot after I finish reading the book.


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